Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Freesky Online is a fantastic Browser-Based Game that is based on battles in the sky between fierce and powerful airships. In Freesky Online, you can either create an invincible military empire or become a wealthy commercial empire. The distinct SLG strategies will bring you a unique gaming experience.
Freesky Online brings an all new entertainment experience to players without the need to download a game client. You can enjoy the game at once simply by opening your internet browser. Furthermore, the boring leveling routine of monster killing does not apply to Freesky Online, as you are not required to stay by your computer during the actual game play. It generally takes players about 10 minutes each day to issue orders to subordinates in their Empire so that their cities, citizens and Army will begin to produce materials, build castles and even fight enemies.
Game Features
- Build your own Castle
The real fun in “Freesky Online” comes from building your own castle. Once you’ve built a castle, you can build processing factories to produce hardware and increase your resources by constructing resource fields outside your city. You can study various sciences and technologies to make production more efficient and employ heroes to manage your city. You can also establish new cities to expand your Empire.
- Experience grand battles in the sky
In “FreeSky Online”, you can use the hardware you produce to assemble a range of airships, for example, a mighty Imperial flagship, attackers, cruisers and defensive warships. Enjoy the thrill of battle as you take on NPC fleets with your own powerful forces and order them to occupy cities and win your battles!
-  The Alliance Miracle and Alliance Wars
Alliance’s played an important role in “FreeSky Online” and added to the overall enjoyment of the game. You can buy or sell goods in the Alliance market, command fleets to attack or defend others within your Alliance and occupy the NPC zone together. Eventually, you will be able to build your own Alliance Miracle. An Alliance Miracle is not only a great honor for your Alliance but it also improves resources and production for all Alliance members!

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