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    Sci-Fi, Strategy

GalaCollider is a sci-fi strategy game develeoped by NeoCrux. As a constantly evolving card game set four billion years in the future, GalaCollider puts a fresh twist on the familiar 4X strategy genre by adding a digital card game element.


4X meets digital card game: GalaCollider fuses the conquest of 4X games with the deckbuilding and drafting elements of digital card games, creating a new genre with the best aspects of each.

Mod your dec: Build your deck and seed your technology pool before each game with your favorite strategies. Then, modify your deck as you play to adapt your deck and beat your opponents.

Play at your pace: Optional turn timer allows for either long, calculated matches over several days or for quicker, casual skirmishes that you can play in a single sitting.

Constantly Evolving: As the story unfolds, players will be challenged to play the game in new ways, in constantly changing territories of space.

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