GalaCollider: 4x Strategy Card Game Preview

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)

GalaCollider: 4x Strategy Card Game Preview image

Yes, GalaCollider is a 4x strategy card game. This is a pretty unique game that I was supposed to take a peek at during Pax Prime. It is one of only two appointments I missed, but they were gracious enough to let me get a look at it on my own time by playing a demo game against one of the developers. You can also watch that gameplay in the video below, which will do it more justice than I could simply by talking about it. I definitely feel like it needs to be seen to be understood, as the game is both simple and complex all at once. There are two factions in game, and there are multiple ways to win, using the 4x style of gameplay from other titles like Civilization. The developers aren’t nobodies, either – from the developers of Magic: the Gathering and Shadow Era, comes GalaCollider! Players take their turns simultaneously, and deck building is just as important as the rest of the game. You seed your deck each game so you can pick and choose what you think you will need or what you think is important. This can be very interesting against players whom you play with frequently. You will have to adjust and adapt if you want to conquer the stars!

This isn’t a card game where you’re going to need to buy billions of packs, nor will you need to do trading. The featured cards in each set will be well-known, giving nobody a clear advantage unless they know how to use the cards better. That’s important in a card game I feel, equality. But it’s so much more than playing cards. GalaCollider takes place out in space, and your cards that are space ships are deployed onto planets you control. You explore a set space, and gain points for controlling, destroying, and exploring. The larger the territory you are working on, the more points required. There’s also talk of having more than just one on one! There’s talk of huge multiplayer matches where players all take their turns at once (like normal), creating lots of havoc, politics, and chaos! And you know me; I’m a big fan of insanity and explosions. It’s akin to rock-paper-scissors plus card game strategy, and that’s kind of awesome to me. You really have to consider each move, each planet you colonize, explore, and defensive positions you take.

GalaCollider: 4x Strategy Card Game Preview screenshot

Bottom Tier has also aired a live stream where we interview two of the people from the GalaCollider team while doing something (potentially) new and interesting! We’ve invited them onto our stream to have a chat about their game, while doing what we do best: playing something irrelevant and fun. Check out the Bottom Tier stream of Castle Crashers, featuring two members of the GalaCollider team! We get in depth with their title while beating the absolute bollocks off of some baddies made by The Behemoth team! It was a fun time, and so is GalaCollider! If you love strategy, card games, and having a fair chance at winning, this is right up your alley!

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