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Golemizer is a free Steampunk online gamethat requires no download and no plug-in. Players take the role of mad scientists bringing to life strange creatures in a steampunk universe. Most items in Golemizer are crafted by players. The most interesting things players can craft are golems. Golems are pets that can be given orders to achieve their master's will. Golems keep living in the world even when their master is offline.
You can either craftyourown in-game houseyourself or buy a house from another player. There's many different items that will help you to give your house some personality. You might even get your hands on some unique items. You can also create your own city! Giving you more ways to express your creativity.
Skills system
No need to grind in this MMORPG. Spend more time playing and socializing since skills progression is time dependent. There's no classes and no levels. You have total freedom over what you want to do.
Whether you're looking for a private space to share with your friends or to compete against other guilds is up to you. Anyone can start a new guild and there's no requirements.
Sandbox Game
The game can be forged by players using the following systems:
- Quests and full storylines created by players
- Dungeons built by players
- Player housing and player cities
- A deep crafting system (the majority of items found in the game are crafted by players)
- Player merchants
- Golems (monsters created by players) that keep living in the world even when their master is offline.

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