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Grand Fantasia is an anime-themed MMORPG by X-Legend and Aeria Games. Set in an expansive and carefully crafted fantasy world, Grand Fantasia offers players a variety of innovative and engaging features.


Exploration: Level up your character as you progress through the various quests in each region. Gather some friends and attempt to conquer some of the challenging instanced dungeons.

Branching Class Trees: Begin your adventure as a Novice and quickly gain the option of branching into one of the four adventuring classes. Select specialization classes at level 5, 15, 30, and 65 to ultimately choose from a total of 8 character classes.

Sprite Companion: Create your very own sprite to travel with you. This companion can harvest raw materials for you and even craft weapons and armor.

Mounts: Choose from numerous mounts, each with unique requirements so characters of all types can get their own sweet rides.

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