Grand Fantasia Releases Swashbuckling New Update

Grand Fantasia Releases Swashbuckling Journey to Condemned Island



It’s time to batten down the hatches and hoist the sails as Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today the release of its latest seafaring expansion to Grand Fantasia. The massive content update, titled Journey to Condemned Island, introduces new classes, maps, bosses, pets, a huge dungeon, an increased level cap, and a new character specialization system to the perennially popular F2P MMORPG.


Players of the new pirate-themed expansion can further develop their characters as one of eight new advanced classes, including the mighty Deathknight, stalwart Crusader, angelic Saint, and powerful Shadowlord, as they master all new skill sets and forge new epic weapons and armor sets to reach the new level cap of 90. Each class has its own original content and brand-new quest lines to experience as players embark on an intrepid journey into the strongholds of Condemned Island to deal with the lethal Black Bone Pirates.



Journey to Condemned Island will also include:

New Level 90 Maps: Amazing new areas, including the Heirloom Peninsula, Frostfire Pass, and Aurawhisp Hamlet, will have players pursuing adventure on the high seas and questing for pirate’s booty.


New Level 90 Dungeon and Bosses: Enter the depths of the ominous Condemned Island dungeon and face 12 new dastardly world bosses. Players can battle, loot, and send their foes straight to Davy Jones’ locker.


New Epic Loot and Pets: New permanent pets to befriend and collect, epic weapons and armor to craft and wield, and an increased character specialization system give players the ability to build and customize their classes to a legendary extent.



Journey to Condemned Island, as well as the rest of Grand Fantasia’s vast world, is available now! Also swing by OnRPG later today to snag a free gift pack for the update!

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