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Graywalkers is a 3D strategic roleplaying game developed by Dreamlords Digital for PC, Mac, and Linux where players can engage in a deep, storytelling experience. With different game modes available for play Graywalkers will give you the chance to experience it's unique world in a variety of ways. See what kind of character you can create and how their journey adapts to the decisions you make!


Deep Customization: Customize your character's race, gender, appearance, path, skills, and special abilities. Make them as unique as you!

Personalities: Every Graywalker has a distinct personality, including your own! See how their personalities clash during turn-based battles and result in misinterpreted commands!

Map Tiers: Use three different tiers of maps to manage your team: Regionscape, Areascape, and Combatscape. Learning how to utilize all three map-scapes efficiently will be key to strategic victories.

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