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Grimlands is a post-apocalyptic FPS MMORPG. In this game you learn by doing, and will as a result learn nothing if you leave your skills unused. A little more on the backstory:

Twenty years after devastating earthquakes devastated Earth, what remains of humanity is fighting hard for its survival. Those cities that did not crumble in the quakes have been flattened in the bitter struggles for power that have ensued. Roving bands of marauders, mutants and psychopathic robbers wander the streets, looking for trouble. In this inhospitable post-apocalyptic scenario there's only one goal: survival!


Dynamic Game World: Players Actions impact the world around them. Cities may rise and fall as the result of clan wars over territory in the vast Southwestern Desert.

Realistic Skill System: Forget about levels. Skills in this game are increased and decreased as a result of your style. Skills you use the most will increase quickly while skills you neglect deteriorate over time.

AI Designed for FPS Combat: In a game with aiming vital to combat, you will be glad (or frustrated) to know that the enemy considers strafing, cover, and trapping techniques. This game won't let you take a break or you will find yourself surrounded and out numbered.

Detailed Clan System and PvP: Clans are more than just a social hub. They can conquer cities, build cities into bustling metropolises, create ranks within the faction for promotion/permission purposes, and engage in epic battleground fights versus other clans.

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