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Guns of Icarus is set in an apocalyptic, steampunk future. You play as a privateer, shipping goods across hostile air. It will take your skills as a pilot and a steady aim in order to protect yourself and your cargo from deadly pirates and reach your destination to claim your reward.


Fast-paced action: Man your guns against waves of pirates. There are several guns to unlock and use, all of which have different effects and uses.

Build your ship: As a captain, develop your ship and its weaponry thoughtfully. Assign the right crew to the right job, and level them accordingly. Each airship is different, as well, so plan ahead!

PvE and PvP based gameplay: Defend your cargo against notorious pirates. Each one you shoot down brings you one step closer to your goal. However, pirates aren't the only threat in the skies, as other privateers might want a piece of your cargo too.

Dynamic Towns:
Every town in Guns of Icarus competes with and trades with their neighbors to survive. Depending on your actions, your reputation will gain or decrease, opening new options and closing others. Don't like any of the towns? Make your own town with others to become more powerful.

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