Gunz 2: The Second Duel

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    MAIET Entertainment

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Gunz: The Second Duel is a TPS title by MAIET Entertainment. The original GunZ was known for taking action combat and TPS elements to new heights, and Gunz 2 intends to push those mechanics into the next generation. With a realistic physics engine and improved responsiveness, Gunz 2 will be a shooter like none before it.


Customizable Classes: Gunz 2 uses the class system from Gunz and gives players improved customization over your character.

Improved Wall Running: Players will have near limitless freedom to run and flip from wall to *insert random surface here*, giving veteran players an advantage from long hours of practicing acrobatic maneuvers.

Improved Controls: Advanced skills are now better fitted so that even new players will have access to impressive acrobatics.

Interactive Environments: Objects are destructible with a realistic physics engine controlling the chaos. Players can use this to their advantage but cutting off an enemy’s escape.

Huge Boss Battles: Players will be able to take on massive bosses that are scalable and feature difficult to reach weak points.

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