Gunz 2 Korean Beta Impressions w/ Mikedot

Mikedot brings us a special sneak peak of Gunz 2 straight from the South Korean beta test.

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  • aditya

    plz relase gunz 2 in asia india

  • Daniel

    europe server….cmon this aint hard greenlight games on steam have it!!

  • mateus

    esses cara gringo sabe nem joga

  • john

    how to download this???

  • Jose

    What about with PerĂș?

  • prasad

    hoe to download the gunz

  • reaper

    u all noobs

    • Natsu

      go die in a hole

  • Marvin Parrilla

    hey how to download this game plsss help me

  • laxustail

    how to download this game i only can download gunz but GunZ 2 i cant

  • laxustail

    how to downlaoad

  • laxustail


  • D0wnDustZz SaturnGunz ( Gunz The Duel ) Tha besT!