Hero: 108 Online Tour – Cartoon heroes come to life!


Cartoon heroes come alive in a brand new action MMO for gamers of all ages. Hero: 108 Online is based on a cartoon series with the same name shown on Cartoon Network. Hero: 108 Online lets users play as the main characters straight from the cartoon series as well as some side characters, too. Hero: 108 Online uses simple arcade style controls for all types of gamers to pick up and play, as well as supporting all the features you'd come to expect from MMOs such as quests, guild support, PvP and more.

Hero 108 Interview: The Winning Formula


Hero 108 is an upcoming action MMO developed through the joint efforts of Taiwanese developer Gamania and Cartoon Network. A similarly named cartoon is currently shown on Cartoon Network in several countries, including North America, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Hero: 108 Online Announces Open BetaÂ… and Prizes!


Gamania Digital Entertainment announces today that Hero: 108 Online, the fast-paced action multi-player online game (MMOG), has entered open beta and is now available for everyone with a beanfun! account. To celebrate the occasion, Gamania will be hosting the "iPad? No, YOUPad!" contest in which a 16GB iPad along with a bevy of virtual prizes will be given away! All players within the United States and Canada who participate and reach level 25 during open beta have a chance to win a 16GB iPad by commercial launch end of summer. (International players will receive virtual prizes).

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