Zomber Squad

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Zomber Squad places you as one of the last survivors of a worldwide apocalypse that has claimed the lives of all but a few survivors. With mindless brain eating Zombers roaming the streets there is only one solution, get together with friends in an off-road utility vehicle to wreak havoc on anything that moves!


PvP: Players can test the mettle of their Zomber Squad against others in team arena matches.

Zomber Squads: Players can make a team of 3 fighters from a selection of 12 total heroes, with tank, dps, and healer roles spread across said 12 heroes. With classes ranging from hackers to secretaries, you may have to rethink your typical party set-up on this one!

Pets: Train and evolve various pets to unleash their true power and alter their stats and appearance. Then get creative and splice their genetics with defeated Zombers to unlock their temporary Zomberfied mode for maximum havoc.

Equipment: Find rare equipment or use your hard won rewards to purchase items from Emporium shops that change their inventory each hour. Then forge special rare equipment and collect meteorite chunks to further refine your favorite armor pieces.

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