Heroes Evolved

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    R2 Games

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    Free To Play, MOBA

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Heroes Evolved is a multiplayer online battle arena where two 5 man teams face off for supremacy. Pick a champion from the large roster and siege your way to victory while defending a base, available for Microsoft Windows.

Call to Arms: There's a character for everyone to master and enjoy.

Base Race: Balance offense and defense to take home a victory.

To War!: Outplay and outmaneuver opponents for levels, gold, and powerful artifacts.

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Game Videos

  • Heroes Evolved: Clan System Online

    Heroes Evolved adds the much anticipated and requested clan feature.

  • Heroes Evolved: Hero Introduction- Minos

    Ready for another Hero for Heroes Evolved? The armored meat-wall, Minos! What does he bring to the table? Here's a taste of his might!

  • Heroes Evolved: Pandora’s Box

    A new system is coming to Heroes Evolved to acquire cosmetic items! It's ominously titled "Pandora's Box"! Further details can be found on their site.

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