Heroes Evolved Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Free Hero, New Girl Band SHEROSE And More

Heroes Evolved 5 Year Anniversary

Heroes Evolved, a popular MOBA game developed by NetDragon (HK 777), will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on March 30. The game is giving away tons of free rewards including the new hero Prosper and other in-game items during the anniversary event period, to express gratitude for players’ ongoing support. Warm-up starts on March 23rd and the full event launches on March 30th.

With the slogan “Heroic Five, Keep Evolving!” in mind, NetDragon has prepared a variety of new features, events and gifts for players to explore during the anniversary celebration:

New Hero: Prosper

Players can acquire the new hero Prosper for free by completing the Daily Login event for 7 days. Prosper is a melee hero that bestows economic buff, AoE damage and fun gameplay, a powerful existence in team-fights. Using coins as weapon, his name pairs well with this season: an auspicious start of the year.

New Skins

During the anniversary period, 2 sets of new skins arrive with celebratory mood, as they are both music-themed. Attacking with musical notes, they bring an exciting rhythm to the battlefield.

Absalon – Music of Dreams is the exclusive skin for 5th anniversary: he is a genius conductor, and sometimes sharp-tongued. Meanwhile, Heroes Evolved’s first Girl Band – SHEROSE will make its debut in April , ready to impress audience from all over the world. Band leader, SHEROSE – Jeanne, will be the first to appear, followed by Magnolia, Lilith, Diana and Elvira.

Other Bonuses

Besides new hero and skins, players can expect bountiful rewards during the celebration. By simply entering the game, players get multiple free Check-in gifts. Universal Open Competition encourages everyone to show their prowess and win elite prizes, including League Coins, tokens, skins, avatar frames, etc. Moreover, for all recharges during March 30 to May 3,players get up to 15% discount on items purchase.

5 is a meaningful number for a MOBA game, as it corresponds to the 5-member team-fight. With the 5th anniversary event, Heroes Evolved demonstrates its appreciation for players and determination to bring better service in the years to come.

For more information and player support, visit their Facebook page, Youtube, Official Website, or shoot an email at: heroesevolved@netdragon.com and say hi!


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