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Jagged Alliance Online is taking Jagged Alliance to the next level: Introducing MMORPG mechanisms and mixing them with the convenience of Browser Games while preserving the core gameplay of the franchise. In Jagged Alliance Online you run a tough as nails mercenary company and take your crew into the heat of battle in scenarios around the globe – live and online! Manage your base, equip your mercenaries and send them on a wide variety of missions, entering the action packed tactical combat, amassing fame and fortune.


Plethora of Missions: Play through over 100 missions as you hone your tactics and team in preparation for challenging others players to battle.

Tons of Mercs: Recruit more than 60 mercenaries each with unique attributes and stats and build your A-Team.

Weapons: Salvage hundreds of weapons and armor to equip your men with the finest firepower available.

AI Personalities: Challenge smarter AI with randomly chosen personalities and traits that will make it difficult to predict their strategy each time you play through a mission.

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