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Kingdom Heroes (KH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China. The title introduces a wide range of new and revolutionary features to the MMORPG genre.
In KH, players are able to:
•Recruit and customize NPC soldiers to form their own personal armies.
•Organize a crew of players and take to the seas in exciting ship battles.
•Work together to establish, develop, and defend player-controlled cities.
•Conquer enemy strongholds using an impressive arsenal of troops, mounts, ships, and powerful siege engines.
In addition to this unparalleled array of features, Kingdom Heroes offers numerous character customization options, branching classes and talent trees, mounted combat, a player based economy, instanced battlefields, thousands of quests, and global player-versus-player (PvP) events where rival factions battle for control of player cities and territory.

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    The Han Dynasty ruled ancient China for hundreds of years. Fight for power in large scale kingdom wars!

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  • Sir0Brutas

    I want this game back again! 🙁 I loved this game.

  • Alan Chow

    me tooo, plz bring back the game. There is no other game like this. Im willing to even buy the game

  • NICE

    yeah i just started playing indo again

  • TongTong

    Re-release in 2019/2020. We have 40 players pledging to our guild First Order.
    Contact me on discord for a spot: