Knights of Dream City

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    Star Fusion Studios

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Knights Of Dream City is  3D Sci-Fi MMORPG. Here's an introduction to the story:
"They came at a time least expected. Not as an armada but a “legion” of cybernetic creatures, technological horrors. As panic gripped the people, the world fled in terror as this mysterious “legion” began to appear around the globe without warning. Mass evacuations caused a sudden collapse in trade and the world was frozen in fear. Leaders accused other leaders and the world was divided in suspicion and terror. As we fought this threat, the enemy only respawned in greater numbers. They were merciless but did not encroach on our territory to destroy man kind. They came here on some greater mission. Humanity inconveniently stood in their way…"

Game Features:

1. One time payment, NO monthly fees.
2. Immersive story & content.
3. Many repeatable missions and rewards.
4. Projection, Kinetic, Phaser Blaster and Saber Skills level up and get stronger with use.
5. Advanced crafting system utilizing foraging and fusion for hours of immersive gameplay.
6. Engineering, Pharmacy and Scientist professions dictate how well you produce items for trade and in game use.
7. Four Different classes to choose from, Strider Hawk, Devastator, Pulsator and Dream Knight.
8. Earn attribute points after each level up to further advance your character.
9. You can advance your character without limitation based upon class type.
10. Upgrade your Weapons and Armor with Electric Charges.
11. Trade Market available where you can buy or sell items based upon real time market value and availability.
12. Earn rare VIP Tokens that you can use to gain valuable and rare items.
13. Earn Key Bot companions that aid you in battle.
Group missions that earns your party great rewards.
14. PVP fighting system.

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