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The game takes place in the Iron Grip universe. It's multiplayer, and it's free for all!
In Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia, you play as the leader of a rebel group. However, before you can get started, you have to make a very important choice. When creating an account you must decide what faction you'll play as. Each faction has a different starting bonus, and your choice affects your play style for the rest of the game, so choose carefully.
Resources are important to your rebel group's growth. Power is the most important of all the resources, and is required to do almost everything in game, from building units to producing weapons and even attacking. Your per-turn power gain depends on your level, but you can also try to obtain power by strategically attacking other players. Other examples of resources that you will run across in game are Coal, which is used to power your camp, keep it working, and launch attacks or hold defenses, and Iron, which is required to build. These resources can be extracted at your mines. Upgrading your mines improves production.
In order to operate your army you have a selection of units, and you decide what missions to assign them. Units can be assigned to offense (for attacking others), defense (for defending your army), or economy (mining), provided you have the right weapons, armor and tools. In the beginning, acquiring more units is relatively easy and the difficulty scales according to the size of your army. Having a larger army requires that your economy is proportionally upgraded to support it.

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