Lords of New York

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Lords of New York is a 1920s poker RPG developed by Lunchtime Studios for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices where players can play as a mobster named Vince who is trying to win the biggest underground poker competition in New York. Being in the mafia is all about extending your own influence, and winning something this large is exactly what could do that for Vince. Will he walk the path of the straight and narrow, or will he veer off and compromise his morality by cheating for advantages in his card games? The choice is yours!


Cheating: If you feel so inclined then you can cheat your way to victory by spiking players' drinks, showing tells, poisoning your opponents and more!

Card Combinations: Combine your Titans and Pilots in battle to create unstoppable forces, or split them up so your Titan can cover your Pilot while he takes on his own targets.

Item Management: Items can be bought or sold and will allow you to specialize your playstyle either defensively or aggressively, but you might have to sacrifice your morality to obtain some of them.

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Game Videos

  • Lords of New York Early Access Trailer

    Lords of New York is heading to Steam early access on January 19th! Get ready to tackle the seedy underworld to rule New York!

  • Lords of New York Multiplayer Reveal

    Ever want to play Poker, cheat, be a scumbag and not get beat up or killed for it? Lords of New York has you covered! Check out their multiplayer right her

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