PAX West 2016 Day One Recap: Lords of New York, For Honor & More

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)

PAX West 2016 Day One Recap

Day one is over! We were going to party the night away, but we’re all adults now and all I wanted to do was get to work! Pictures to upload, video to transfer and encode and thoughts to get down on paper, so let’s get started! Big thank you to Behemoth Games for the breakfast! We finally made it after two years or so of trying! Delicious, delicious, life-giving doughnuts. We saw a lot of stuff today and got some nice insider scoops! Of course we have that for you right here. Sharp indie games, AAA titles, wonderful cosplayers and so much more happened, I barely know where to begin! I don’t know how the rest of the weekend will top today but I’m sure it’ll only just get better from here.

Table of Contents

Lords of New York (Lunchtime Studios)

For Honor (Ubisoft)

Atlas Reactor (Trion)

ArcheAge: Revelation (Trion)

Cosplay Round-Up Teaser (Day One)

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