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Magic World 2 aims to give players the feeling of the famous movie Lord of the Rings. The background of this game is separated into five chapters. It started when humanity got attacked by monsters. The Gods, in order to protect the humans and themselves locked the monsters in hell and sealed the door. Humans found a new place to live and they started to rebuilt civilization and life continued. When a crystal mine was discovered humans started to fight over resources.

During this struggle the seal was broken by accident, releasing the monsters from Hell once more. Humans once again have no choice but to cooperate to fight off the monsters.

Magic World 2 boasts 5 races:
- Human
- Elf
- Panda
- Claymore
- Sylph

And Five classes:
- Mage
- Wushu
- Fighter
- Archer
- Summoner

Players can also choose between five spirits to follow:
- Heroism
- Piety
- Fraternity
- Justness
- Honour

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