Magic World 2 Race & Class Introduction

Recently, Magic World 2 was showed at the Montreal International Game Summit and the game got lots of good comments from this industry. The main purpose of showing the game at the summit was to gain the opinion from the professionals in this area. Meanwhile, Magic World 2 has also released the information below: 
Races Introductions

Humans rely on their strong adaptability and creativenss, they became one of the owners of Kalkarlong very quickly. Mostly they live at Moon Plains and Blazing Plains, after hundreds and hundreds years, cause human have very strong volition and dauntless courage; they are very good at fight and magic.

The very gentle Elven race live in the ancient Karen Forest for a very long time. They advocate a care for nature, love and life and live very secluded from the other races. After the great castle of the Elves was built, some of them left the forest and started to live in the city. Their long life gives them high intelligence and strong senses. They are weak but their agility is very high, they are natural born hunters.

From the oriental, the Pand is a very peculiar race that lives on Bamboo Island. They were huge and very friendly and fight for justice. They are masters of Kong Fu and despise bullies. After the monster army came, these monks were all stood out and willing to fight against these monsters until the end.
Magic World 2 - Panda Race
Claymore, this is a very special race, sexy and fascinating. From the normal, not many people really know, so they were called Succubus. Where they came from is a mystery, but according to the elf’s memory, it seems they have a special relationship with those Monks.
Elemental Summoner Elf
Some of the elves were chosen to stay in the forest and guard their old tree and the ancient palace. They were hiding in the forests and actually no one has really seen them before. Until the monster army came, they showed up and using the natural power to against all the undivine and the devil. They are the masters of healing and controlling the element, these kinds of powers make them to the heart of a party.
Class introdutions
Mage – Race: human
Mage: they are free to use the staff and spell all different kinds of magic. They are week but when the staffs in their hand, they could be invincible.
Hunter – Race: Elf
As rely on advance of the long life and the agility, the elf transferred these advantages to practice the skills that could not be learned by the normal. When face to the dangerous, they could easy turn themselves in the good spot because of the agility, use the bow and crossbow and consummated shoot skills to make the targets disappeared.

Magic World 2 - Hunter




Monk – Race: Panda, Succubus
Mysteries, lightness, fast and powerful are the normal words to describe this class. They seem come from the oriental and played very well Kong Fu. They respect justice and because of this sprit they always follow with and they also win the respects from the world!
Fighter – Race: Human
Fighters make the defense and attack in balance. They are protected by the very good armors they make by themselves and also with the very sharp sword. As the leader in the party, they willing to be the tank or the pioneer and always fight in the first line.
Elemental Summoner – Race: Summon Elf
They are the votary of the natural and the natural is their faith. This race is very rare to see in the public and usually hiding in the ancient forest. They are the master of curing and healing and also know all the elements very well. So that they own the power of the natural and they usually to be the one that a party could not be lack of.
Elemental Summoner
A secret class – not opened yet
A new unopened secret class from Magic World 2 would be released soon.
Magic World 2 was opened to the Chinese market once and we would give the report about it soon. Please stay with us!

Panda Monk

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