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Make Sail is a seafaring simulator where you'll make and ride a boat across perilous waters fending off deadly sea critters and steering against the biting wind. Marvel at the playfulness, sink into the immersion, and let your creativity run wild as you take a journey of self-reliance on the beautiful, yet deadly open ocean. Available for Windows.


Portsmith: Build your boat to be marvelous and sturdy against even the choppiest of waters, or scrap together something utterly ridiculous and hope for the best.

Waker of Winds: You'll need to pull in even real world maneuvers to fight against the realistic physics crated from the dynamic water buoyancy system. Whether it's weight, shape, drag, drift or lift, it needs to be answered through boat design or piloting skills.

Land Ho!: Hop from procedurally generated island to island collecting parts and powers to add to your crafting collection.

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