Memories of Mars

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    Limbic Entertainment

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Memories of Mars is an upcoming sci-fi survival game developed by Limbic Entertainment for PC and will be available on Steam Early Access in Spring 2018. In Memories of Mars players can explore the curious and dangerous Red Planet after being left behind from an abandoned mining operation. The climate is harsh and the creatures are dangerous, but nothing is more unpredictable than the other clones you might run into. Fight for survival and try to thrive against the unforgiving and make sure no entity keeps you down!


Base Building: Create your own base to survive the barren Red Planet. Make something small for yourself or work with other players to create a much larger, grander base.

Solar Flares: Mars is going to be riddled with the effects of solar flares every few weeks. You'll need to properly prepare if you want to survive in these harsh circumstances.

Survival Levels: Keep an eye on your basic needs like health, oxygen, stamina, nutrition, and body temperature to make sure Mars doesn't get the best of you.

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