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In the mysterious world of Gaia, an epic battle was fought wherein the Gods won the victory, but the world finally fell into a state of chaos. Adventurers traveling across kingdoms are now on the way to saving the world as well as creating a new legend.
N.E.O Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that gives gamers the most control over the journey. Given the world of gorgeous phantasy, this journey will bring gamers to an ancient time when peace lives with chaos. N.E.O offers possibilities for creating distinctive characters with various professions such as a warrior skilled in sorcery, a wizard who is also a sharpshooter or any combination desired. With a variety of living skills, N.E.O features natural surroundings where gamers can explore the odyssey through fun activities.

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Game Videos

  • N.E.O. Online Combat Video

    There is no limit to flashy attacks in N.E.O. Online. Join forces and strike out major attacks on your enemies.

  • N.E.O. Online Game Play Trailer

    Get a marvelous first glimpse at the various environments and classes you'll be able to enjoy in N.E.O. online!

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