N.E.O Online Official Release Date Revealed

N.E.O Online Official Release Date Revealed


PlayOMG has announced that N.E.O Online is scheduled to launch at 7:00PM, March 2nd (PST). N.E.O Online will provide an all-new gaming experience that enriches the elements of traditional MMORPG. Set in the mystical world of Gaia, players take on the role of an adventurer who is tasked with solving quests and fighting against monsters across the wonderland.

Due to the class-free system, players can choose very different paths for developing unique heroes. The Chaos system allows players to change the world between peace and chaos status, where players are free to join regional PvP battles and earn better rewards. Not only was the launch date revealed but exclusive events were announced, too.

The events will include:
– Cash Items Giveaway: Players that create character will receive an exclusive package consisting of helpful cash items.
– Take the poll to get PlayOMG bonus points for shopping in the item mall.

Those who are PlayOMG members or have social accounts including Facebook and Yahoo, are welcome to play the game. For more info on the game feel free to visit the Official Website at: http://neo.playomg.com

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N.E.O. Online - Release Date Announced

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