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Navyfield 2 is an MMO featuring massive sea battles based on WWII era ships. The game features over 100 ships from seven different countries. Special missions are there to help you develop your skills and jump right into the action. The focus of the game is on teamwork, and encouraged with fleet and squadron systems that provide substantial benefits. New events and features will be constantly added to the game.


Massive ocean battles: Participate in 64v64 battles against players from across the globe. Seven different WWI Era countries are represented, and over 100 unique ships are available to be picked from.

Fully customizable ships: Change your deck guns, torpedoes, fire control systems, engine, armor, and more. Choose from over 75 different sailor positions to take command of your ship however fits you best!

Variety of modes: The game features a variety of tasks and modes to cater to new players, and experienced sailors alike. Participate in special events, and contribute to the direction the game takes.

Official rankings: The Hall of Fame helps you keep track of your progress from the moment you begin playing.

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