Operation Gamma 41

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Operation Gamma 41 is a browser based militaristic strategy game that takes place during the peak of World War II. Take up arms as either the Allies or Axis and wage war for dominance. However be prepared for a twist as a mysterious third faction intends to overthrow both sides with powerful unknown technology!


Two Faction System: Take up arms as Allies or Axis and brace yourself for a fatal encounter with a mysterious third faction.

Varied Combat Modes: Challenge your rivals in intense Arena Duels. Or Form up with your friends to forge alliances in large scale PvP combat.

Recruit or Create War Heroes: Choose between various customizable, powerful, upgradable war leaders with unique skills to change the tides of war. Or you can create your own unique hero from scratch!

Direct Battle Control: Command your formations of Air and Ground troops in live action combat. No passive battles to be found here.

Unlimited City Expansion: Build your base as large and powerfully as your enemies allow you to! The sky is the limit.

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