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Origins Return is a sci-fi MMO playable in your browser window. Hundreds of years have passed since your people went into exile after the last great war. With the rediscovery of the Space Portal, you once again set out to colonize and explore new worlds. However, bitter rivalries die hard, and ghosts from your people's past have also rediscovered the Space Portal. Develop your colonies, trade resources and develop treaties and alliances with other players. Customize your armada, selecting their weaponry, armor, and speed to create an unstoppable force.


Resources: Scour planets for iron, gold, crystal, and hydrogen. Use these materials to create buildings and ships to fuel your conquest.

Buildings: Four types of buildings exist: Economic, Military, Scientific, and Storage. These buildings determine your extraction, military strength, development, and holding of elements, respectively.

Technological research: Learn new and improved ways of dealing with just about everything. Refine your production, or improve your military might. Research new ways to travel, and more.

Customizable ships: Determine just how you want your ships to build. Cheap, quick fighters that can easily overwhelm an enemy? Powerful warships that will devastate entire legions? You're in control of firepower, hull strength, and much more.

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