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Orion's Belt is free to play online turn-based tactical browser based game, very easy to play as soon as you start to know some basic rules. Orion’s Belt is set in a space environment where the players have to expand their empire by conquering new planets, form alliances to battle for space domination, use massive weapons and fight each other in a chess like board using units with unique special abilities. You play as an emperor that start on a small Private Zone on the Universe. You have five Planets to Colonize before using a WormHole to Travel to the Hot Zone and interact with other players.
On your Planets you will be able to build Facilities and Combat Units. Later on you will be able to join those Combat Units on a Fleet and Travel on Universe, making friends and enemies as you play along.
When you engage war, you willhave your battles played on a Game Board. That's the most fun part of the game!
Game features also include:
* 3 completely distinct races.
* Private zone were each player can evolve 5 planets and never be attacked.
* Public Zone with hundreds of planets of different levels that can be conquered.
* More than 30 units (10 per race) with unique powers and abilities.
* Wormholes that allow the player to travel faster in the Universe.
* Markets spread trough the universe
* Auction House were players can buy all sorts of resources for the higher bid.
* Besides the Tournaments there are also a Ladder competition using the innovative Battle System.
* Professions based on the actions of the players: Pirate, Bounty Hunter or Merchant.
* Quest system that allows the players to be guided trough the game and win a lot of resources to help them evolve.
* Artificial Intelligence that allows the players to make friendly battles against the computer.
* Campaigns. It’s a side game where the player has to make several battles against the computer. The players that use less moves to defeat the computer will appear in the top of the hall of fame.

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