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    Nine Dots Studio

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    Fantasy, Sim

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Outward is a buy-to-play adventure life sim developed by Nine Dots Studio for PC where you can become an adventurer, traveler, and explorer! You haven't been chosen by some prophecy, nor are you from an all-important dynasty. You are simply yourself and must be focused on surviving first and foremost if you want to continue to explore the world's secrets. If you're looking for a game that is intended to make you work for success and learn from your failures, then Outward is the game for you!


Various Obstacles: Not only will you encounter hostile forces and creatures, but you'll also have to manage your hunger, thirst, and sleep like a true adventurer should have to.

Constant Saving: Outward will be constantly saving your progress as you play, which means there is no turning back time to avoid the tough situations you'll run into. You'll have to carefully evaluate situations before you rush headlong into them.

Dynamic Defeat Scenarios: Outward features dynamic defeat scenarios which will leave you being held for ransom or being dragged through the woods, looted, and left for dead.

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