Outward Reveals New Dev Diary Ahead of March 2019 Release

Deep Silver and Nine Dots have released a new Developer’s Diary today for the upcoming hardcore fantasy adventure game, Outward. Scheduled for a March 2019 release date, this video shows off the game’s depth and variety of the environment, but also a very special mechanic: the backpack. The player must do battle with brigands, monsters, as well as real-world elements such as hunger and disease. The larger your backpack, the more prepared you can be, but this game does not offer unlimited, unreasonable backpack space. Carrying too much will encumber, but not carrying enough will spell disaster, as now you’re unprepared. This creates a very interesting dichotomy and challenge.

Additionally, the player’s map-reading skills will be put to the test. Exploring the corners of Aurai with nothing but a backpack provides a thrilling experience that can be described as the peak of adventuring! You decide if you want to travel light or not, but you will have to make sure you are able to adapt to your environment. Aurai has four distinct regions that you will need to navigate with the help of your trusty compass, your map, and your ability to locate landmarks.

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