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Port Galaxy is a MMOG based on a virtual space port. The space port is located in the Milky Way Galaxy and is called “Port Galaxy”. It is the most widely-used space port in the entire galaxy. The space port itself has unlimited living quarters, and the ability to travel through space. It moves to new locations in the galaxy about once a month.
On Port Galaxy you will get the chance to create unique characters, and meet “people” from all over the galaxy. You will find merchants to trade with, friends from other planets, cool clothes and items from around the galaxy, and you can even create your own personal room. With so many possibilities, port galaxy can not simply be viewed as a Virtual World- it is a Virtual Galaxy!
We try to please the inhabitants of Port Galaxy by creating a fun, safe environment, with many unique and cool features!One big feature at Port Galaxy is the events! Virtual Events will occur which will allow you to play mini-games, or collect unique items and clothes. Event-based mini-games such as an Asteroid-Shooter will show up if the space port enters into a Asteroid belt, or meteor shower. During these events you will have a chance to compete with each other for high scores, and prizes!
Once a month you will get the opportunity to travel to a nearby planet, where you will find unique items, private rooms themed to the planet you visited, and much more! The items on planets will be only available for a short time, however the public rooms will always be available via the space ports Virtual Reality Hub! We also value your safety, and want to help you protect your character and items.
Every person aboard Port Galaxy will be able to set a pin # for their inventory, and also have the option to enter the # before a trade. The pin # will only be recoverable by a staff member, and we can guarantee your items will be safe!
You will also be able to collect ships (space-ships), which are used as two things. The exterior view of your spaceship is used as a profile for your account! You can decorate your ships with graffiti, stickers, and also change the docking area. You will be able to pick what ship you want displayed as well. Even better, the ships will also be Private Rooms for the owner. The ship rooms will always remain locked, however if you are the owner you can invite friends, or allow people to enter.

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