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Prime World is a DotA inspired game with beautiful lush environments, intense strategic combat, and a myriad of champions and skills to equp yourself with. The game is not content to stop there though, and Prime World offers empire building elements in which you can construct super castles that mine resources, unlocking more and more of the game's endless nuisances.


Upgradable Champions: As you fight, your champions gain new powers and skills to carry with them into the next battle.

Castle Creation: Use your spoils of war to build elaborate castles with servants that will gather resources to futher expand upon your empire!

Hero Connection System: Male and Female champions can work together to receive special benefits. The power of love just might overcome death in Prime World.

Non-Combat Support: Tired of getting beat down in battle? Unleash your quick wits in challenging puzzle mini-games to create powerful support scrolls to be used by your front line champions.

Interactive Social Community: Invite your friends over to your castle and give them a tour. Or browse wares and skill books among the player community shops.

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