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Rend is a 3D MMORPG shooter developed by Frostkeep Studios for PC and will be available on Steam Early Access in Spring 2017. In Rend players can fight against hordes of demons in an ongoing war alongside the faction of their choosing all in the name of mere existence. Survival is the main goal when it comes to faction warfare after all. By using your own playstyle to your advantage you might just find that you can help your faction in a unique way and all stay safe together!


Unique Playstyles: Use Rend's talent and skill systems to tailor your character to your unique playstyle and master your niche.

Time of Reckoning: All bets are off during the Time of Reckoning and the Lost Ones will assault your base. Defend your own faction or take up arms against the others. Everyone will be ripe for plundering.

Resource Collection: Collect resources for your faction and use them to upgrade your faction's technologies.

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    Frostkeep Studios' three faction fantasy survival game, Rend, is now in Steam Early Access! “Since we first announced Rend, we have been developing it

  • Rend Trailer

    Frostkeeps survival game Rend is on the way this spring, boasting three factions, PVP and PVE! Want to learn more after this taste of it? Just click this!

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