Repulse Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Join a band of space marines across the cosmos in a corporate battle for control of some of the rarest resources and alien fauna known to man. Repulse offers hectic twitch based MMOFPS goodness, with a plethora of multiplayer battle arenas and some mean local aliens to keep you on your toes. This game takes everything that’s worked in the FPS market and combined it into one.


Three Combat Classes: Want to be tanky? Sign up as a front line soldier and dish out heavy damage while absorbing maximum fire power. Not your style you say? Support classes are available for those wanting to heal their allies and fire off cheap shots while hidden on the back line. More into the rouge style in MMOs? Become a master of stealth technology and build an agile soldier capable of assassinating the enemy’s back line.

Dynamic Class System: Aeria Games seems to be in love with class switching as of late and now Repulse brings this model into the MMOFPS genre. So long as you bring the right combination of equipment with you into a mission, you can change from an engineer to sniper to a medic at any time. This gives the game plenty of strategic implications as you can completely alter your team composition to make a comeback in a losing match.

High Tech Equipment: Gear in this game not only provides you with stats, but can unlock special abilities like cloaking and unique dodge techniques.

Mode Types: Repulse has confirmed 16 player death matches, base defense/attack, alien hoard/infection mode, and capture the flag.

Diverse Maneuvers: From wall jumping to high jumping, from cloaking to jet sprinting.. you will find numerous ways to out maneuver your opponents, forcing player skill to a whole new level in the FPS setting.

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