Repulse Online Early Access Preview

Repulse Online Early Access Preview

By Michael Sagoe (Mikedot), OnRPG Journalist




Aeria Games is gearing up for a closed beta release of their newest sci-fi shooter, Repluse. Before closed beta gets rolling, Aeria Games invited OnRPG to try out the game first hand.



Repluse is the re-launch of a previous FPS title called Genesis AD (hosted by ijji). While the name has changed, almost everything else from the original game is still intact. Repluse is all about twitch-based shooter action mixed with class based combat roles. As a previous Genesis AD player, I checked it out to see what was new, and to give you readers a look at to expect from the closed beta.



Upon logging into the game for the first time, you’ll instantly notice the game’s brand new UI.  Many of the menu options from the previous game are still available, including the old boot camp tutorial. Not only that, but they’ve also included new tutorials that explain the basics of combat for each class. Most of the tutorials are easy to complete and can be played once to earn some free credits, so make sure you try them all.



It was then time to meet up with hosts (GM Dropkick and Mike G) and get a few matches going. First mode up was Sniper mode set on a new map called Eagle Eye.



I usually played as an Assault or an Engineer in the previous game since sniping wasn’t my best skill, but I gave it a try anyway. After the first few minutes of play, I could barely get a shot off on any enemy. I wasn’t sure if it was my horrible aim or my weapon, but the hosts then gave us a few credits to pick out some nice weapons from the store.



I got myself suited up with a better rifle and some cloaking gear.  I picked up the Hunter-X10 rifle, which had a solid firing rate.  It wasn’t a one shot, one kill weapon, so it was definitely made for a player like me. After a few more rounds of sniper mode, it was then time to switch off to some good old fashion team deathmatch.



The next map we played on was called “Face Off”, a smaller map that seemed perfect for quick 4 on 4 matches. It was time to really get into action so I switched to the Assault class and equipped myself with a Zealot Mk-II (Assault Rifle) and Cobra-S (Shotgun) combo, as well as a booster pack. It was hot gun-on-gun action as players were flying and dodging bullets at high speeds. My teammates weren’t doing so hot, but I was totally carrying them.



After a few more rounds and few map changes, it was time to check out their newest game mode: Invasion!



For starters, Invasion mode plays similar to those increasingly popular zombie modes, but with a more hectic pacing. When the game starts, one player will be selected as the host alien and will attempt to infect all players, while normal players must kill as many hosts or infected as possible. In short, the player with the most points at the conclusion wins.



While zombie modes can be fun; they can get old really fast. However, I found the invasion mode to be addictive with swarms just coming at you so quickly. The host alien has the same abilities as the Assault class, meaning they can boost, wall jump and dodge, as well as use a slime shot that can attack enemies at mid-range.



First round of invasion, one player was chosen as the host, and quickly made short work of the other players, but I and another guy were still alive. We weren’t coordinating our survival or anything, so it was only a matter of time before I was pinned down.



Next round up, I was chosen as the host. With some quick dodges here and there, I managed to infest a good chunk of players, but one of the remaining human players managed to find a nice camping spot. It was easy for him to pick off infected players, but not for the host alien. I slashed him up pretty good and won the match.



For those that are wondering about any changes that were made to the game’s presentation: Overall the game looks to be completely untouched in terms of visuals. There is, however, some new voice overs for radio chatter and event cues that I would like to say are ten times better than the original ones. Instead of the soldiers sounding all boring and lifeless, the new solders sound a lot hunkier and they’re apparently “too handsome to die.” Just so you know, it’s a line you’re going to be hearing a lot, so you better get used to it.



Last game up was set to an old familiar map: Sinkhole, a warehouse map made for both long and close quarters combat. I used to perform some of my best assault play on this map, so it was time for me to start wrecking the place up.



…or I would have, if there wasn’t a guy on the other team that was just as skilled as I was. Every shot we took at each other each felt like a western gunfight: Up front and tense. They were really awesome fights, though.



Overall, my time spent playing Repluse was a fun throwback to some good times, and with new modes and features, it looks like it’s going to have a brighter future this time around.



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