Robot Rising

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Stomp Game

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    Browser, Facebook

Robot Rising is a Facebook browser mmorpg that gives you, as a self-aware AI, the knowledge of technology and the ability to control powerful resources left behind by less fortunate inhabitants. The struggle to survive is compounded by the need to find out more about this hostile world, the source of the endless flood of enemies, and what, if any, victory can be won over cunning foes such as Bastille and Null. Oh, and did we mention it is a Facebook Game?


A Futuristic World Never Before Seen On Facebook

In a world where robots are tools of war, technology and power fuel generations of conflict. As one of a new species of self-aware Artificial Intelligence, your challenge is to find a way to survive, and even thrive, by gathering resources, building your base, and conquering the vast planetary complexes occupied by the ruthless New Bastion. Evolution or extinction, these are your only choices.

High-End Graphics and Game Play in the Browser

Fast-paced combat is at the heart of this sci-fi role playing experience. Hundreds of different levels hold countless powerful enemies. Unleash a merciless arsenal in non-stop, white-knuckle combat to defeat your mechanical foes, claiming for yourself their treasure and powerful gear. Expand your technology to build even more capable robots, delving ever deeper into the depths of this chaotic world.

Construct a base with a fully customizable layout to match your command style.

Research new structures to upgrade capabilities and house more resources to produce epic equipment and massive firepower.

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Game Videos

  • Robot Rising – Opening Cinematic

    Like a phoenix you have risen from the ashes of a devastating battle. What kind of robot will you build to explore the Complexes and engage in furious comb

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  • jerome

    bakit di gomana ang robot rising?

  • Kenn Winters


  • Freak_Show

    please bring the game back i love that game other games of facebook sucks but that game is very nice and cool to

  • ghbfh


  • tom

    WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SOB why cant you bring it back you know we all loved it and i dont care if you got not that many things or you got sued just please i beg of you bring it back 🙁 bring it back

  • rebel266

    You could port the game to smart devices (android&istuff) make the game micro transaction so you pay.99 to lvl10 then still sell items like normal and .99 for every 10 lvls i think every one would be very happy with that.

  • Dragoest

    OK the game is dead and gone sad but true.. my question is now.. where can I find a game closely like this FB is FULL of nothing but clones someone has to have one that’s close.. can anyone name something?

    • distorded reality

      try sacred 2 falen angel gold edition
      there is no robot, but the felling is close. without the endless crafting. and there is a working co-op to kill mod asses i think there is a pvp too, but im not shure if more than 2 player can connect.

      just cause 2 multiplayer and borderland 2 are totaly diferent, but they are really good so they should help forgeting robot rising.

      keep an eye out for the next fallout game also

      dawn of war soulstorm should also have a decend co-op with an ‘imitation’ of the feeling you are searching

      also, theyr youtube acount is still up (as well as theyr facebook anf twitter, just all dead acount) so you can get all released OST with any mp3 downloader (i suggest Songr.exe)

  • Alaeddine Ben Moussa

    where is the game i was playing all the time this game is the 1 in the world 5d is so cooool bring the game back

  • Beta Apriliady Saputra

    hey come on, i love this game very much. bring the game back, if the game can’t back to the facebook, make it into MMORPG

  • casper

    come back

  • rusdymo

    kenapa gamesnya tidak bisa main lagi, padahal gamesny seru sekali dan mengasikkan…

    tolong gamesnya dikembalikan lagi….
    🙁 🙁

  • bogdan

    i want the game back

  • Anonymous

    online mmorpg wouldn’t be too bad it sounds like a great idea someone should look into that

  • Solo

    how the F can the game be gone i left for iraq and when i get back the only online games are gone. what happend

  • lord color picture food phone

    my question is does anyone though of reverse engenirering the game to make is standalone .exe outside of the browser ans make is downloadable as a physical software BEFORE the server shut down ? if yes, and if you can make it downloadable, send a email to this twitter acount along with the link. ill take it and share it with some other friend,

    and yes, this is a fake twitter acount it does not represend the identity of anyone nor any ideology
    it is a ‘spam filtering acount’

  • Battle Pirated out

    bring back Robot Rising !!!

  • Adictoanime JJ

    Espero vuelva de nuevo, este juego me recontra encanto, buenisimo su estilo de juego. Personalizar tu propio robot, eso es creatividad, si caminaba el robot, o iba en ruedas o volaba, wow. me encanto esa idea, seee. Un juego online de este juego pegaría, no se porque no pegó en facebook, pero facebook, era mas un limite para este juego, siento que no podía progresar. Espero vuelva a estar online.

  • Drew Shipley

    The shut down of this game was the destruction of my happiness…

  • rayen

    hey plz bring that game bak ilove it

  • prodriver503

    please open the game now game whit robots are latest fashion