Robot Rising

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Stomp Game

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    Browser, Facebook

Robot Rising is a Facebook browser mmorpg that gives you, as a self-aware AI, the knowledge of technology and the ability to control powerful resources left behind by less fortunate inhabitants. The struggle to survive is compounded by the need to find out more about this hostile world, the source of the endless flood of enemies, and what, if any, victory can be won over cunning foes such as Bastille and Null. Oh, and did we mention it is a Facebook Game?


A Futuristic World Never Before Seen On Facebook

In a world where robots are tools of war, technology and power fuel generations of conflict. As one of a new species of self-aware Artificial Intelligence, your challenge is to find a way to survive, and even thrive, by gathering resources, building your base, and conquering the vast planetary complexes occupied by the ruthless New Bastion. Evolution or extinction, these are your only choices.

High-End Graphics and Game Play in the Browser

Fast-paced combat is at the heart of this sci-fi role playing experience. Hundreds of different levels hold countless powerful enemies. Unleash a merciless arsenal in non-stop, white-knuckle combat to defeat your mechanical foes, claiming for yourself their treasure and powerful gear. Expand your technology to build even more capable robots, delving ever deeper into the depths of this chaotic world.

Construct a base with a fully customizable layout to match your command style.

Research new structures to upgrade capabilities and house more resources to produce epic equipment and massive firepower.

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  • Robot Rising – Opening Cinematic

    Like a phoenix you have risen from the ashes of a devastating battle. What kind of robot will you build to explore the Complexes and engage in furious comb

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