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Ruined is a post apocalyptic 3D action game based in San Francisco. In this free to play online 3D action game, you must hack, slash, and shoot your way to become the most dominant killer in the city. The 3D action game has 6 unique villains and wide selection of sophisticated weapons so there is definitely no shortage of ways to lay waste to enemies.

Ruined allows you to be able to defeat your foes in a variety of exciting and unique arenas. With face-melting graphics, this 3D action game is sure to impress. Once you start playing Ruined, the 3D action game, it will be difficult to stop - each action packed battle is fast paced, and never the same! Play Ruined now and make your browser say "Holy @#&*!

Ruined offers 7 unique classes, each promising to be just as fast and frantic as the others. You won't find yourself stuck spamming F1 to heal for half an hour in this game.

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  • Ruined First Look Trailer

    BigPoint is hitting 2011 with a bang, unleashing their new 3D Browser Action game, Ruined.

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