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    Lockwood Publishing

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    Playstation Home

Sodium is a massively multiplayer online game based in and exclusive to the PS3's online community-based social gaming network PlayStation ® Home.

With the discovery of The Singularity and the ability to travel between innumerable different reality shifts, with untraceable nanotechnology rendering classic athletics competition impossible, new and more extreme sports have been developed.

Currently Sodium is in the Sodium One (S1) shift and comprises a combination of a full tank shooting game, called "Sodium One Salt Shooter", and other associated mini-games such as Tank Training, Desert Quench and Scorpion Stomp. The first five levels of Sodium One Salt Shooter are free, with the full game obtained by purchasing the Sodium Pilot Outfit from the Commerce Point, which is a shop with associated Sodium One products and other content from Outso and Lockwood Publishing.

With the completion of different challenges and objectives users are able to unlock or purchase a variety of items, trophies and rewards.

Due to the nature of Home, the game will continue to grow and expand as Home does. New games, virtual items, and community events will continually be added, including the eagerly awaited Sodium Two.

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