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The year is 2019, and the discovery of the largest deposit of mineral wealth in the world has turned the former Republic of Zandia into an all-out corporate war zone - a new kind of conflict waged by a new breed of mercenary.

Get Lost – Immerse yourself in deep MMORTS gameplay, AAA-quality artwork, voiceovers, and an original score by Jesper Kyd.

Dig In – Build up from a desolate outpost to a sprawling private military base. Fortify your position with automated turrets, tank traps, artillery, and more.

Take Command – Deploy the latest military hardware and tactical units from the world’s most elite private military contractors.

Pick Your Battle - Fight shadowy NPC enemies, rival teams, or go head-to-head in a massive community of live opponents.

Take It All – Use trade, treachery, teamwork, and firepower to rise from corporate pawn to rogue warlord.

Grab your kit, bring your friends, pack plenty of ammo, and trust no one. In Zandia, war is big business… and business is good.

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