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Experience the ultimate in online rhythm gaming with Super Dancer Online. Super Dancer Online takes the basics and expands on them with a myriad of game modes such as boys vs girls, advanced 11 key challenge, drum mode, and pet challenge to name a few.

This game goes beyond its cute exterior to provide a very competitive atmosphere through the use of organized guilds. By winning competitions, you earn points to help build a shared player housing guild hall. You can also dare your rivals to put their guild pride on the line in Guild Badge battles where the loser must fork over their guild badge as a trophy to the winner.

An intricate marriage system and multiple rpg elements can also be found in Super Dancer Online. Through winning dance offs, you can unlock greater costumes and witness your character evolve from a chibi little character to a beautiful dancing master. Then hone your skills with your significant other and rise in rankings by challenging other couples to Lover Battles.

Any fan of cute anime graphics or competitive rhythm game play will find something to enjoy in Super Dancer Online.

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