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Talisman Online is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG with a small client. The game is based on ancient myths andthere are hundreds of quests to be completed!Players can experience series of brilliant magic, thrilling fights, a wide variety of quests, scenarios and many interactive systems.

The Story of Talisman Online
In the peaceful ancient orient, an evil power has been preparing to come out after collecting energy for the past thousand years. A huge monster called Master Blood began to slaughter human beings and other living things in order to strengthen his power. He enhanced himself by absorbing their souls. The whole world was full of blood and fear. The beautiful and peaceful continent became a hell which was full of corpses.

In the name of justice, great rabbi Master Tian Meng from the north gathered all the righteous forces to suppress Master Blood and his evil minions. This battle had lasted one hundred days and both sides were badly hurt. At last, Master Tian Meng and his four accomplished companions fought Master Blood on Blood Mountain. The decisive battle lasted five days, and Master blood was defeated by Master Tian Meng's witchcraft called Heaven Ice, and was sealed in a block of ice for one-thousand years. This ice cube was suppressed at the bottom of the deep pool in Green Scarp.

After Master Blood was sealed, people began to rebuild their homestead. And the whole continent gradually returned to peace and harmony. Having learned from this battle, Master Tian Meng and his companions decided to create their own junta and accepted many apprentices in order to increase the force of justice. Thus five juntas: Monk, Wizard, Fairy, Tamer and Assassin were created one by one. The forces of justice became stronger and stronger.

But then a disaster occurred! After the ice block had remained at the bottom of the deep pool in Green Scarp for five hundred years, it suddenly disappeared. Ever since then different kinds of evil ghosts and monsters continually appeared. What had happened? Did Master Blood resurge, or was a new monster born? The five righteous juntas made a pact to act together to find out the truth.

Go ahead~~ Fight against the evil force!

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