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inXile resurrects a classic franchise for PC, Mac and Linux with The Bard's Tale IV. 30 years in the real world have passed, and 100 years in the land of Skara Brae, since The Bard's Tale III. Now the land is in peril once more, and you must assemble a ragtag troupe of would-be heroes to save the world from its most dire adversary to date.


Build Your Team: Form a team of up to six adventurers and customize them to suit your style. Will you have a balanced party, or an offensive glass canon team? The choice is yours!

Deep Tactical Combat: Positioning, strategy, and attacking in coordinated efforts between your adventurers will be rewarded as you battle cultists, the undead, and goblin-kind.

Powerful Artifiacts: Finding these legendary weapons is only the first step to unlocking their full potential. Solve the riddles etched into them to wield their ultimate power.

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