The Chosen Online

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    Snail Games

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    2.5D/2D Fantasy

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The Chosen is a 2.5D dungeon crawling game with rich Asian art styles and architecture. The game features all the vital elements needed for a good MMO such as faction systems, multiple character classes, PvP, and a political system.

The storyline revolves around a continent controlled by 5 great emperors and watched over by the forces of light and dark. Though the forces of Light and Dark have long held reservations about striking against each other due to the instability it creates in the central kingdom, recent actions of the Dark seem to be testing the resolve of Light. Light fearing the ensured destruction that would occur if they interfere, stood by helplessly as the forces of Dark began to pillage and destroy the lands.

In a last ditch effort, Light summoned the lost souls of the bravest human warriors to have fallen in history, and restored their bodies with the mission of standing in place of the armies of Light to push back the armies of Dark and save the world. Now the rulers of the five kingdoms have united to search out ‘The Chosen’ amongst their people, the holy warrior destined to challenge the gods and restore peace in the universe.


Five Factions: Choose to fight alongside the Qin, Han, Tong, Song, or Ming Emperor and strive to gain control of an entire dynasty.

Six Classes: Choose to fight by sword, blade, bow, flute, fan, or scroll. Each provides its user both short and long range physical and magical damage abilities for improved PvP balance.

Seven Battle Modes: Engage in 1v1 PvP, Arena PvP, Large Army Battles, Palace Wars, Guild Vs Guild battles, Faction Territory looting, and Contest Tournament Fights.

Rise in the Ranks: Asced through the ranks from standard joe to Army Commander.

Family System: Invite your friends to found a family and share resources with ‘relatives.’

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    The Chosen Online is a 2.5D Asian Styled fantasy dungeon crawler featuring epic kingdom versus kingdom pvp and a competitive political system.

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