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The Chosen Online’s Latest Chosen Interview



As reported yesterday, The Chosen Online‘s latest contest to win a labtop by becoming the first Chosen on Rally Server has come to an end. FatalKil rose through the ranks of the Qin Dynasty and then conquered his enemies in an epic brawl against the Ming, Tang, Song and Han to claim the ultimate ingame title of Chosen as well as a laser-etched EON-17-S high performance gaming laptop from Origin PC. OnRPG has access to his victory interview with Snail Games.


Snail Games: Hey Fatal, thanks for taking the time to speak with us and congratulations on become The Chosen. To start, how long have you been playing?


Fatal: I think since Day 1. I think I was one of the first players on the first few days.  It’s been out for, what, 3 and a half or four months now?



Snail Games: Yep, so I think we can get away with calling you a veteran of the game. So there’s a lot of games out there, why play The Chosen? What hooked you in, and what has kept you such a dedicated player?



Fatal: I like the fact that you have to have friends to play the game, period. It’s not a game for one person to come in and basically take over a whole Dynasty. You see some Dynasties have one or two strong players, but 10 united people can actually unite and beat them. We’ve proven that. 


I also like the shop. You guys have a really nice shop, you really do. I like the element of surprise in opening eggs and platinum chests.  It’s sort of like going to the store and buying a lottery ticket and you never know if you’re going to hit $1 or if you’re going to hit $500.  I like the option of being able to have that, it’s a lot of fun.



Snail Games: Out of your current Alliance, how many of those did you know before you came into the game?



Fatal: Actually, I knew two of them before I came into the game. Now I have a network of probably 40 players from Chosen that are all in the same Alliance, whether it be on server 1 or server 2. We all have voice, and we talk all day long. We have a blast. It’s kind of hectic sometimes during war, you got 30 people yelling at each other, you know. But it’s a team oriented thing.  The Chosen cannot be accomplished without having trustworthy friends.



It’ s like any game, or just like the real world, if you have the King of a country the King is always looking over his back and having his right hand man test food. It’s kind of the same way in this game. You have to watch who your friends are. You have to build alliances. It’s definitely not a solo game for leveling; you have to have you friends. You can’t beat bosses solo, really. You have to have teamwork.  So in other words, nothing is accomplished in this game unless you have a team.  And that’s what makes the game fun.



Without friends, and without teams, a game becomes very boring.  For this game, some of these people I’ve met have given me their home phone numbers.  We call each other, we have plans to meet.  Not only have we made friends in game, but hopefully we’ve made lifelong friends playing it.



Snail Games: As a company full of gamers, we all love to hear that.  We’ve got plenty of our own stories, but do you have any others that stick out?


Fatal: It is really cool. The one person who was my enemy in Ming on server 1, well turns out he lives 30 minutes from me and is a bartender at one of the bars that we go to, and we ended up marrying in server 2. You know? One of my biggest hated enemies and rivals on server 1 ended up becoming real good friends. She talks to my wife, and it’s just become cool.



Snail Games: So what was it like becoming The Chosen? What was your gameplan, and what obstacles did you come across?



Fatal: When the contest came up, the bottom line was “would I be able to unite enough people from server 1 to join me and be on my side to actually win the contest?” That was the biggest hurdle right there, because as I said in step one:  without friends, you don’t become The Chosen. I don’t care how many people are in your realm, you’ve got to have a solid core group of people.



My biggest challenge was uniting my biggest enemies. And I took that challenge from day one, if you remember I messaged you on day one “I’m going to unite everybody, watch.”  I’m going to get all these people who were fighting and hating, and we’re all going to get together and accomplish this.  And we had a couple people say “uhhh I want the laptop, I’m going to go for it”, and we said alright, that’s cool.  You know what I mean?  My biggest opposition was Tidus.  Awesome player.  He just didn’t…he had the same shot we did, but he just didn’t have the same support that we did.  If he did, things would have been a lot more competitive. We kind of had the gameplan from Day 1, and I had the right group of people.



OnRPG congratulates Rally server’s newest Chosen and dares players to take up arms to see if they can rise up to become the next!

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