The Lacuna Expanse

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    Lacuna Expanse Corporation

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    Browser Based, iOS

The Lacuna Expanse is a massively multiplayer online space strategy game. Think SimCity meets Masters of Orion. You can choose to be an isolationist who's sole concern is designing and building a sprawling city on a single planet, or you can be bent on utter domination and build a huge empire across the expanse. You can become a master trader or a master ship builder. You can engage in espionage, or become an explorer. The choice is up to you in The Lacuna Expanse.

The goal was to make a fun, space empire strategy game that's fun for both casual and advanced gamers. Most web games are either too shallow or too complex. The Lacuna Expanse was designed so that casual gamers enjoy building a colony or empire and power gamers can master and deploy advanced strategy and reap benefits from hundreds of (optional) advanced gameplay elements.

What's unique about The Lacuna Expanse?

Play anywhere - web browser or the free iPhone/iPod app

Socialize or Strategize - work with the players around you by forming alliances or strategize against them by planning their demise. Lacuna Expanse is very social and it's even Facebook-enabled.

Full circle economy - produce resources, manage/reuse waste, minimize pollution, keep your citizens happy, and trade freely with other players on the open market.

Massive universe - More than 1 million planets to explore, each with unique resources.

Build mega-cities - more than 100 different types of buildings means you can build exactly what you need and each city can be unique.

Trade anything - most games only let you trade basic resources. The Lacuna Expanse lets you trade ships, buildings, money, resources, and much more. Enjoy a full player based economy.

The Coolest Spaceships - you've never seen spaceships like this! Dump garbage on your opponents planets, transport spies, take satellite images of enemy planets, and much more!

Espionage - take out your enemies without ever firing a shot

Chat - talk in real-time to other players in the game. Built-in translations make it easy to talk with players around the world.

Freedom - choose your own direction. Exploration, expansion, trader, ship builder mission commander, espionage, war, and more.

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  • isaacssv558

    Very fun game, give it a try.

  • Vet MMO Gamer

    Avoid this game, The admin team/owners questionably incentivize positive game reviews via a number of mechanics including a system which provides in-game currency for votes to external MMO review websites.

    As for gameplay – the community is monopolized by a group of vulgar, trollish players within an alliance named ‘Anarchy’. Progress is slow and stripping away fake, dead and sitted accounts this game has a very small, dwindling community.

  • Nate

    terrible game

  • EotW70

    I’d rather stick with Masters of Orion