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UnforgivenWar is a FREE text based browser Military MMORPG game.

You may ask "What the "hell-o dolly" is this game about?" Well it's not the typical game you would see, where you mindlessly go around beating up other players and attacking them in your "mobs" you have gathered together. Ummm hmmm, sorry, yea you get to do that, BUT WAIT, that's where it STOPS being the SAME.

By registering, you're inducted into the military. You head straight to Boot Camp. Some of you may say "forget that" and try to go it on your own, if you do that, then look out. You can be beat up, robbed, put in the hospital, you can be scammed and slammed, but will you ever have FREAKING FUN while it is happening.

In Boot Camp enhance your strength, speed, stamina and fighting skills. Do missions and get promoted. Join a Platoon get armed to the teeth with M604E Machine Gun, enhanced Camouflage War Paint and a Tank Shard Vest and you are ready for WAR. With your Platoon you then can battle taking money and weapons and even property from others and THAT is only a SMALL PART of Unforgivenwar.

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