Unforgiven War: First Expansion

Nvinium Games Inc. announced the alpha launch of UW-WWII.  The popular text based MMORPG UnforgivenWar has begun the first in its series of UWMultiVerse expansion games.  UW-WWII is a full stand-alone game that is based upon the historical events of the World War II time period that connects to the existing UnforgivenWar to give the community multiple options of game play.
Set in the year 2012, the Large Hadron Collider has created the first mini “black hole, which inadvertently creates a rip in the space-time continuum.   This allows the current world to see forward and back in time and also allows our world to travel at least to one time period.  That time period is circa 1939 at the beginning of World War II.  Germany is struggling with a massive depression and the people have lost hope.  Self-proclaimed leader, Adolf Hitler, has plans to consolidate the fractured government while quickly and ruthlessly taking control of the countries that surround. He secretly establishes an axis of other countries to become close partners in the quest to dominate the world. The community of UnforgivenWar may choose to move back to that period to become an Ally or Axis and build their characters and armies in addition to continuing to battle in today’s time.
The ability for multiple games to be tied to one massive community is very different and new in the MMOPRG text game market.  UnforgivenWar is not only allowing users to play in different games from one user base but the “world communities” are tied together with its own unique global chat system that allows all the communities to see what is happening instantly.  With over 131,000 players in UnforgivenWar, the ability to allow those users to “move between games” effortlessly makes the game community even more challenging, entertaining and versatile. According to Matt Abrams CEO of Nvinium Games Inc., “Our platform is unique in the world of text based MMORPG’s, this expansion has extended the options for game play far beyond the already existing distinctive features such as the mobile text community.”
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